Power steering rack refurbishment


What is a steering gear / rake?

The steering gear / rake is a hydraulic unit designed to make the driver feel more comfortable - to compensate for vibrations / shocks and not to return them to the steering wheel, as well as to make steering easier and more precise.

First symptoms of a damaged steering gear / rake.

The first symptoms that the driver feels or notices are the movement of the steering wheel, oil leakage from the steering gear / rake, a rattle from the front of the car.

Prolonged use of a car with a damaged steering system also puts other components at risk, such as the steering rods and their tips, power steering pump and steering gear.

What is done in the recovery process?

During refurbishment process, the steering gear is removed from the car, completely disassembled and all internal components together with the body are washed in an ultrasonic bath.

After cleaning the parts, the steering system is inspected and defected.

Then all the following defects are eliminated:

  • Corrosion of moving parts of the steering mechanism - exactly where the seal is located, which prevents the leakage of hydraulic fluid
  • Wear in the steering gear housing - with this defect, the steering gear may not work correctly on either side or may not work at all.
  • Rack wear - in this case, the steering wheel moves freely and unpleasant noises are made when car is moving.
  • Wear on the hydraulic pump housing - in this case the hydraulic pump may work intermittently or not at all.




Piedāvājam visa veida metālapstrādes pakalpojumus.

Virpojot strādājam ar visa veida materiāliem, liels materiālu klāsts ir uz vietas noliktavā.

  • Maksimālais detaļas diametrs līdz 400 mm
  • Maksimālais detaļas garums līdz 750 mm


  • Horizontālā frēzēšana
  • Vertikālā frēzēšana


  • MIG/ MAG

Piedāvājam dažādu konstrukciju/ iekārtu ražošanu un atjaunošanu. Sadarbojoties ar sadarbības partneriem spējam piedāvāt pilna cikla metālapstrādes darbus (lāzergriezšana, valcēšana, CNC virpošana/ frēzēšana, cinkošana un pulverkrāsošana.

Steering gear refurbishment
Repair of hydraulic steering equipment / rake - 170.00 EUR
Repair of hydraulic electric steering equipment / rake or electric steering equipment / rake - 190.00 EUR
(electrical parts are not repaired, the repair includes only the repair of the mechanical part)

* price is without VAT
* execution time up to two working days
* any steering equipment is guaranteed for one year

If you want a full service including disassembly / assembly of the steering gear, the price can be found out by contacting the service manager Kristaps- 26117679.

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SIA PRORING Latvia was founded on November 13, 2013. The company activities are divided into two main areas:

Car service

The mission of car service is to perform quality car repairs according to the standards set out by the manufacturers.

Production workshop is divided into several departments:
Metalworking department - turning / milling / welding / balancing and construction
Industrial washing department -
high pressure and ultrasonic washing
Refurbishment Department -
flywheel and clutch refurbishment | refurbishment of steering equipment | engine block, head diagnostics and repair

In 2018, we have implemented modernization measures to reduce the amount of hazardous substances used. The measures are implemented with the help and support of the Baltic Environmental Forum from the project "Baltic Pilot Measures to Reduce Emissions of Hazardous Chemicals through Substitution and Resource Efficiency" (LIFE14 ENV / LV / 000174), co-financed by the European Union LIFE Program and Latvian Environmental Protection Fund administration.


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