Car diagnostics

Car pre-purchase inspection / complex diagnostics

We believe that this is a must when purchasing any little used or used car. This type of inspection at our garage provides answers to the general technical and visual condition / wear of the particular car. Service manager will be able to comment on the operating costs of the selected car, as well as inform about the car's weak components, expected repairs and their costs.

Diagnostics includes:

  • Visual car inspection (body, chassis, interior, luggage compartment)
  • Inspection of body parts with a paint thickness gauge
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Running gear diagnostics
  • Superficial engine and transmission diagnostics
  • Test drive

Total diagnostic time: 2-3 hours

Total costs:

60.00 EUR with VAT without carVertical report
80.00 EUR with VAT with carVertical report

We have signed a cooperation agreement with carVertical, a leading provider of used car history information from Europe and the United States.

Preparation for CSDD technical inspection
During preparation, the check is essentially identical to that performed by the CSDD TA inspectors, except for the engine exhaust (CO, CH) check, as well as change of lighting and addition of fluids if necessary. After inspection, the customer receives a list of necessary repairs and their costs

Total inspection time - 2h

Total costs - 35.00 EUR with VAT
Engine diagnostics
When checking on engine, computer diagnostics is performed, which allows to verify operation of engine units. Errors are read and analysed. The engine is visually inspected to ensure that there are no fuel / coolant / oil leaks.

Total diagnostics time - 1.5h

Total costs - 35.00 EUR with VAT
Running gear diagnostics
During running gear diagnostics, the entire vehicle's suspension levers, bushes, bushings, steering gear / hinge, steering rods and joints, hub bearings, springs, shock absorbers and shock absorber support bearings, support joints, and drive elements - axle and / or cardan shaft - are tested.
During the running gear diagnostics, the brake system is also checked - condition of the brake discs and linings is checked.

Total diagnostic time - 1h

Total costs - 25.00 EUR with VAT
Transmission diagnostics - for manual, robotic (DSG, Stronic) and automatic gearboxes
For automatic and robotic (DSG, Stronic) gearboxes, diagnostics are performed with a general check - oil level and viscosity check. Computer diagnostics is performed with specialized equipment testing electronic control system (sensors, installation, solenoid valves, control unit, etc.), a test drive (if the car is driven) is performed accompanied by a master checking automatic gearbox malfunction - slips, knocks and similar defects.

For manual gearboxes, diagnostics is performed only with a test drive (if the car is driven) accompanied by a master, testing operation of the gearbox itself, operation / wear of the clutch elements, as well as assessment of the dual-mass / two-mass flywheel condition

Performing fault detection of manual gearboxes, you have to deal with cases when it is possible to defect it only by dismantling and disassembly, but we are able to name the approximate repair costs to the customer in advance.

Diagnostics of gearboxes - 35.00 EUR with VAT

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SIA PRORING Latvia was founded on November 13, 2013. The company activities are divided into two main areas:

Car service

The mission of car service is to perform quality car repairs according to the standards set out by the manufacturers.

Production workshop is divided into several departments:
Metalworking department - turning / milling / welding / balancing and construction
Industrial washing department -
high pressure and ultrasonic washing
Refurbishment Department -
flywheel and clutch refurbishment | refurbishment of steering equipment | engine block, head diagnostics and repair

In 2018, we have implemented modernization measures to reduce the amount of hazardous substances used. The measures are implemented with the help and support of the Baltic Environmental Forum from the project "Baltic Pilot Measures to Reduce Emissions of Hazardous Chemicals through Substitution and Resource Efficiency" (LIFE14 ENV / LV / 000174), co-financed by the European Union LIFE Program and Latvian Environmental Protection Fund administration.


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