Exhaust system repair / Soot filter (DPF) washing

What is a Soot / Particle / DPF filter and what is its function?

A DPF / soot filter is an engineered mechanism / filter designed to reduce harmful emissions / particulates into the environment.

Soot filters have been installed in diesel cars since 2000, for cars with emission standards of EURO 4, EURO 5, EURO 6.

What promotes accelerated soot filter / dpf clogging?

  • Driving mode

Small urban journeys do the most damage. When used in this mode, the car's soot filter does not reach a temperature when it can be cleaned, and due to the short travel time, the car's control unit is unable to perform soot filter / DPF regeneration.

  • One of the mechanisms / nodes has gone out of order

If the engine is not working properly or one of the units is out of order, the soot filter will be clogged in a very short time and sensors in the soot / DPF filter will signal an increased back pressure.

  • Oil and fuel quality

Car manufacturers often blame the quality of engine oil and fuel. We believe that the fuel available, which can be purchased at gas stations, is of sufficient quality so as not to impair performance of the soot filter.

Similar to engine oil - we recommend MOTUL, MOBIL, CASTROL, LIQUI MOLY oils to our customers, which have all the necessary quality certificates.

What are the consequences of soot / DPF filter clogging? Increased back pressure.

Power is lost, there is a symbol on the instrument panel showing the muffler.
Some car models produce unburned fuel during unsuccessful regeneration, which enters the engine oil

What is regeneration?

Regeneration is a process designed to clean a filter. This process is automatically performed by the car at the first opportunity when the car makes a longer trip or the engine has been running within a certain speed range for a certain period of time. If the car regenerates itself, it means that the filter back pressure is high

When the number of regenerations performed exceeds the number of regenerations allowed within a certain period of time, the engine will start in emergency mode and the power of the car will be reduced.

How to solve a clogged soot / DPF filter problem?

·       Install a new one

·       Clean the existing one

·       Cut out the filter, reprogram the control unit

We recommend only the first two options to our customers
Installation of a new filter costs from 500.00 - 3500.00 EUR, depending on the car model

Soot / DPF Filter cleaning costs from 320.00 – 450.00 EUR including filter disassembly / assembly, its washing in a dedicated equipment with back pressure measurements and drying, diagnostics before and after filter washing, necessary seals and consumables

* price fluctuation depends on the car model

If you deliver an already disassembled filter to us, then the diagnostics of the filter, washing + drying costs 120.00 EUR

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Who are we?

SIA PRORING Latvia was founded on November 13, 2013. The company activities are divided into two main areas:

Car service

The mission of car service is to perform quality car repairs according to the standards set out by the manufacturers.

Production workshop is divided into several departments:
Metalworking department - turning / milling / welding / balancing and construction
Industrial washing department -
high pressure and ultrasonic washing
Refurbishment Department -
flywheel and clutch refurbishment | refurbishment of steering equipment | engine block, head diagnostics and repair

In 2018, we have implemented modernization measures to reduce the amount of hazardous substances used. The measures are implemented with the help and support of the Baltic Environmental Forum from the project "Baltic Pilot Measures to Reduce Emissions of Hazardous Chemicals through Substitution and Resource Efficiency" (LIFE14 ENV / LV / 000174), co-financed by the European Union LIFE Program and Latvian Environmental Protection Fund administration.


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