Transmission repair

For automatic and robotic (DSG, Stronic) gearboxes, diagnostics are performed with a general check - oil level and viscosity check. Computer diagnostics is performed with specialized equipment testing electronic control system (sensors, installation, solenoid valves, control unit, etc.), a test drive (if the car is driven) is performed accompanied by a master checking automatic gearbox malfunction - slips, knocks and similar defects.

For manual gearboxes, diagnostics is performed only with a test drive (if the car is driven) accompanied by a master, testing operation of the gearbox itself, operation / wear of the clutch elements, as well as assessing condition of the dual-mass / two-mass flywheel. Complete fault detection can only be made with the gearbox disassembled and dismantled

Diagnostics of gearboxes:

Execution time: 3 h

Manual gearbox diagnostics - 25.00 EUR with VAT

Automatic gearbox diagnostics - 50.00 EUR with VAT

Repair, diagnostics and maintenance of S-Tronic gearboxes

The manufacturer has specified an oil change interval for these gearboxes every 60,000 km. The design of the gearbox requires  oil to be changed in two separate compartments:

- in the transmission part
- in the wet part of the clutch

Each of these compartments also has a filter, which must be replaced during this maintenance

Execution time: 3h, costs:
Filter (VAICO) - 54.60 EUR
Filter (VAICO) - 23.53 EUR
Oil (MOTUL DCTF 12.5L) - 106.87 EUR
Maintance - 65.00 EUR

Total: EUR 250.00

S-tronic gearbox clutch and or flywheel defects
We often encounter a clutch defect in the Stronic gearbox. The first symptoms of this defect are incorrect gear shifting, beats when shifting and slipping of the clutch, which manifests itself as a rapid take-off that does not balance with the car acceleration.

In the event of a clutch change, AUDI also envisages replacement of a repair kit consisting of solenoid valves, wiring connections and other components. When changing the clutch, changing the oil is a mandatory requirement, as well as the gearbox must be adapted after repair. If metallic noises are heard from the gearbox area when the car is idling, then the defect is in the dual mass flywheel.

Delivery time: 1-3 working days, costs (in case of flywheel defect):
Gearbox disassembly / assembly - 260.00 EUR
Updated dual-mass flywheel - 200.00 EUR
New dual mass flywheel - 600.00 - 1200.00 EUR
Total: EUR 460.00 or 860.00 EUR

‍Cost (in case of clutch defect):
Gearbox disassembly / assembly + clutch and repair kit replacement + gearbox adaptation- 350.00 EUR
Clutch (OE AUDI) - 1360.00 EUR
Repair Kit - (OE AUDI) - 557.53 EUR
Front cover gasket (OE AUDI) - 41.91 EUR
Oil + filters - 185.00 EUR
Total: EUR 2494.44

DSG gearbox repair, diagnostics and maintenance

Many cars of the VAG group (Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Škoda) are equipped with DSG gearboxes. DSG gearboxes have been installed in these cars since 2003 and are still being installed. DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) gearbox is a modern robotic two-clutch automatic gearbox

The manufacturer has equipped cars with two types of DSG gearboxes as standard - DSG-6 and DSG-7. The main difference between these gearboxes is that the DSG-6 gearbox is equipped with a wet clutch, while the DSG-7 gearbox is equipped with a dry clutch. Wet clutch useful life is much longer and we encounter this unit relatively less often than with DSG-7 clutch replacement

For DSG-6 gearboxes, the manufacturer has specified an oil change interval of every 60,000 km.
It is essential to change the filter when changing oil

Execution time: 2h, costs:
Oil MOTUL DCTF 7 L- 95.31 EUR
Filter (VAICO) - 19.69  EUR
Change - 65.00 EUR

Total: 180.00 EUR

In case of the DSG-6 gearbox, repair costs for wet clutch, mechanic or solenoid valve defects are usually from 900.00 - 2500.00 EUR. Often customers find another used gearbox, in such a repair solution, changing the gearbox with a new oil + filter and the work costs 1200.00 - 1400.00 EUR

‍If the dual-mass flywheel is out of order, the first symptoms will be vibration and metallic sounds from the transmission area. This is the most common problem faced by DSG-6 gearbox users

Execution time: two working days, costs:
Gearbox disassembly / assembly - 180.00 EUR
Updated dual-mass flywheel - 200.00 EUR
New dual mass flywheel - 550.00 EUR
Total: 380.00 or 730.00 EUR

For DSG-7 gearboxes, the manufacturer has not specified oil change interval, but it has a “LIFE TIME” designation, which essentially means that the oil only needs to be changed when the gearbox is repaired.

In cases where the clutch or flywheel of the DSG-7 gearbox is out of order, we recommend replacing these two units together. In this case, the flywheel can be restored. It is important to know that in case of changing the clutch, it can be replaced only with specialized tools from the LUK manufacturer, because clutch adjustment is required.

In the event of a mechatron fault, the hydraulic or electrical part is repaired. There are cases when the mechatron cannot be renewed and needs to be replaced. The price of a new mechatron is about 1500.00 EUR (OE VW)

Execution time: two working days, costs:
Gearbox disassembly / assembly - 180.00 EUR
Clutch change + gearbox adoption - 80.00 EUR
Refurbished dual-mass flywheel - 200.00 EUR
New dual mass flywheel - 550.00 EUR
Clutch kit - 460.00 EUR
Total: 920.00 or 1270.00 EUR

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